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Wow it's been a while since I posted to lj.  I sometimes forget that its an actual place where people who aren't professional authors share their thoughts, but then my sister posts and I remember that other people use it for different things than following authors.

Anyways, I just read an amazing short story on and figured I would share it here.  Even if no one reads it, I will be happier for having tried to share it.  The story is The Final Now by Gregory Benford and Rick Perry.    An amazing look at religion with a scientific outlook about the end of the universe. Simply amazing even as half of it went over my head.

I am currently in Costa Rica teaching Science in English to elementary age students at a bilingual school in La Fortuna, a touristy town in the north of Costa Rica.  My blog for my time in Costa Rica is   I can't promise interesting posts, but they will be more than the twice a year I write here.
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After watching the video, please go sign the petition to stop Ken Starr from divorcing 18,000 happy couples.

Also appropriate, is the pie chart outlining the consequences of legalizing same-sex marriages, which I have personally seen in Massachusetts.

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I figure since I'm on livejournal often I might as well use it for something. Since a few of my favorite author's either have their blog's on here or mirror them here, it's a convenient place to read all of them at once.

For now I'm just going to put my word count on what I am writing, 8,107.

My goal is to write 50,000 by the end of the semester, and hopefully every time I see this I will stop checking my friend's page and actually write. Sort of my reaction in my own life to Robin Hobb's rant about blogs. Clearly I don't have a blog here, but equally bad if not worse is incessantly checking other people's blogs.
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